The NEW Rejuvenation & Education Center is Now Open!

Love of Earth Rejuvenation CenterThis has been a difficult journey, one that I did not believe I could accomplish just 3 months ago. I thought I would fade into obscurity after all that has happened in my personal life in 2012. Yes, 2012 was a year I will always remember. It was my two greatest supporters, my Mother and my husband, that furnished the encouragement required for me to continue on to this opening.

Yes, this journey has been an arduous one, one that many can relate to. Those that take on the responsibility of caring for a parent or loved one, my heart goes out to you for you have made a selfless difference when they needed someone most.

As caregivers we take little time for ourselves and when that moment finally does come, we fall apart. We don’t know what to do when there isn’t a crisis to handle. I have always been great at handling crisis and usually failed at timelines and schedules. To allow things to “flow” has always been my modus operandi, but now I realize how blessed I was to have that supposed “flaw”.

Rejuvenation center training lobbyThis Center is dedicated to my mother Irene, who passed last year, for without her I would not have had this crash course in caregiving, nor would I have understood the importance of what I do. Also to my father, Walter, for his tenacious “never give up” spirit. Last, but surely not least, to my husband Chris for is tireless, loving support and without whom nothing would happen, PERIOD.

I know my training and experience will assist many others on their journey to improve their health, wellbeing and skills, but it will also be ready when they become caregivers.

The doors are now open so let the Rejuvenation & Education begin!

So Be It!

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