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The “Quest”

Tanya Nodich Tanya Nodich
Diplomat of Pastoral Science – D.PSc
Doctor of Naturopathy – N.D.
Quantum Biofeedback Specialist – QBS (NTCB)
Certified Natural Health Professional – CNHP
Spiritual Healers & Earth Stewards Minister – SHES

The focus of my work and this web site is to challenge you to turn the mirror around and take a look at your life; to evaluate what is working and what is not.

Through the years our lives, at times, can become predictable, routine, or even “rut” like. If you have ever thought to yourself; “Is this all there is to my life?”, it may be time for a new understanding.

“As soon as you define something,
you are living within its limits!
or, you are limited by that definition.” – Ramtha

We should never limit ourselves or our potentials. Never live by someone else’s definitions of who you should be, furthermore, never limit anyone else by your definitions. When we turn and place our limitations on someone else it should set off an alarm that says, “turn the mirror around!”

Become the person and life of your dreams, FABULOUS and UNLIMITED in thought and action. INFINITE U!

You are a fabulous opportunity to be a beacon to everyone around you.

It has become my “Quest” to encourage you, as I did, to take a look in the mirror and see the beauty and power that is within you. This awareness will provide the lens that will bring the chains that bind you into focus. We are all unlimited in potentials and are only bound to limitation by the definitions we place on ourselves and others. Stop measuring yourself by everyone else’s contrived definitions of worth. To be unlimited you must think unlimited. Tap the INFINITE within U and experience the change in your world.

Trinity School   Natural Therapies Certification Board
Certified Natural Health Professional Local Chapter   Certified Natural Health Professional   SHE's Minister

History and Evolution

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PMA Mission

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Service to others

Tanya’s greatest joy is derived from service to all that have a desire to become sovereign individuals in thought and action.


When not actively teaching or sharing insight Tanya finds power in solitude.


One of her favorite places is in the garden among the plants and its creatures or hiking on an unfamiliar path.


On her travels across the states to Washington (RSE campus) in her Subaru, Tanya takes different routes through the Rocky Mountains so she can enjoy the views of snow covered mountain peaks and green lush valleys. Nothing makes her feel more a part of something than when she is out in nature. The unexpected “treats” along the way can range from meeting interesting new friends to breathtaking vistas and all sorts of interactions in-between. The motto for trips has become; “Expect the unexpected!”


Preparing fabulous food to share with great friends and family will most assuredly stimulate fascinating conversation.