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History and Evolution

WaterThrough the following paragraphs my desire was to give a “sense” of how I arrived to where I am today. It is by no means the whole story, but it is a “Reader’s Digest” type condensed version of some of the “key moments” that have shaped my life. As you read it, my hope is that you will recognize your own “key moments” and begin to understand and appreciate the potholes, dead ends and dirt roads you have taken along your way.

Sometimes, only looking back can we appreciate how far we have come. I have been taught by Ramtha that it is ok to look backward, but not to stare, because you can not go forward looking backward.

So, here is a short look back…

Impactful Moments

Throughout Tanya’s life she has been driven by her innate “knowing” even when her ideas were contrast to others. This “knowing” intensified in the mid 80’s when events that would profoundly change her life began to unfold and take form. Throughout this turmoil she experienced an intense underlying drive to move west, away from the east coast. Several years later, by the time the dust settled, Tanya and her husband Chris found their home in northeast Oklahoma (1990).

The military career she held for 16 years started to violently unravel forcing her to examine the ruling ethics that conflicted with her own. The dissolution of a reality held for so long turned resignation into a joy of immeasurable freedom that she had never experienced. By 1995 Tanya embarked on her next phase of education and employment.

During these years of residence and career transition, Tanya had a compelling desire to reconnect with a family member who had done exhaustive research into the family’s native american lineage. The information attained was confirmation to her instincts and her “sensed” next direction. While studying metaphysics and meditation practices Tanya soon turned her attention to the healing arts and nutrition. These subjects quickly became her best-loved auxiliary vocation which fused to create the fuel that would ignite Tanya’s interest that continues to this day.

As for the next phase of employment, Tanya took on technical support for a major airline in the area (Jan 1995). As the “civilian” aspect of computer support was assimilated, she felt compassion for the people that called in each day. Tanya has long held the belief that if you want to understand anyone all you need to do is put yourself in their shoes and look out through their eyes. Soon the tedium of computer mechanics turned into a joy for putting people in extreme stress at ease with humor and confidence while fixing their immediate technical “crisis”. Each call became an exciting adventure into the world of helping others and problem solving. Tanya had found her joy!

During this time, Tanya and Chris were wrapping up a 6 year renovation of their home on Grand Lake, when a house a mile down the road was posted with a “for sale” sign. They had not even remotely considered moving, but Tanya was so compelled to look at the house, she called and made an appointment while Chris was at work. As soon as Tanya drove down the drive and walked inside, she immediately knew that this was the house she had “seen” for many years, now all she had to do was to convince her husband. It would take over a year to finally close and move into their new home, but they now know it was worth every anticipated moment (Apr 2002).

Throughout these years a dream of the future guided Tanya’s direction as she prepared and planned for the next phase. Courses, certifications and practical experience rounded out the wide variety of natural health modalities and related sciences. Now, with a firm foundation and understanding in the holistic arts and nutrition, coworkers began to seek her out for ways to alleviate the affects of stress they were experiencing. Tanya’s repertoire also included energetic healing, radionics and Rife technology. It was in the spring of 2002 that she learned about the “QXCI” Biofeedback device and immediately sought out a practitioner/trainer, purchased one and attained certification (Oct 2002). While continuing to assist and educate friends and family on the role of relaxation and food choices in their lives, it was at this time that her private sessions slowly started and continues to the present day. It was this purchase that activated a chain of events that would propel Tanya toward her next phase at lightning speed.

Training and practical experience continued with the “QXCI” and in January of 2004 Tanya purchased the upgraded version of the device, the “Scio”. Later that spring of 2004, “What the Bleep Do You Know” began showing in small theaters across the country. But it wasn’t until the end of October 2004, after driving for two days to get home from the east coast, that Tanya realized she would be able to catch the last showing in Tulsa. She pressed to get back to see this “movie” as it was very important, even though she didn’t know why. While watching, the information coming into her consciousness seemed to light a second stage rocket booster. This was the key Tanya had been searching for. The science conveyed within this sweetly shrouded atom bomb was earth shattering! Everything within this documentary was a validation in all that she knew, not only from her training, but also the innate knowledge in every cell in her body. She didn’t know it at the time, but within 7 months she would be traveling 2,300 miles to attend Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment to become one of his students (May 2005). And thus, the initiation of the next phase.

Over the next two years while Tanya’s holistic training and understanding of mind and consciousness was blasting off and taking flight, her “day job” was spiraling in an equal and opposite direction. Like all large corporations, each position progresses to higher and higher levels of responsibility. As the years passed Tanya “progressed” to a position of mind numbing responsibility, a position that handled global network outages for huge global customers. The overwhelming stress for her was like being in a box with the sides collapsing and no way out. All the knowledge Tanya accumulated in stress reduction and health fell mute to the sheer intense struggle for survival.

This was not Tanya’s first experience with this type of challenge, but she had learned to recognize the “symptoms” even if not immediately at first. From previous events of peril, Tanya had learned that these situations are fabulous opportunities for growth. The tricky part is to pay attention because the opportunity may be disguised in “the unexpected”.

But the true resolution came from the knowledge and training Tanya received and experienced while attending Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment (RSE). It is in moments of inner reflection and contemplation that the resolution will manifest, if you just become still. That training and focus manifested Tanya’s current phase of “employment”.

Due to the detrimental affect the stress was having on her physically, Tanya devised a back up transition plan to aid in the change over to her future dream, a plan totally devoid of all the training and experience she had accrued. This plan was directly related to the amount of stress the job was causing and the need to “escape” from it all. However, something happened. The months spent planning and researching this back up transition plan provided the release Tanya needed to gather her strength and refocus on that dream of the future. Each return to the RSE campus, spring and fall for over two years, gave Tanya the opportunity to focus on her dream without interference from her day to day existence.

Those precious moments spent at RSE gave her the proof, through experience, of a teaching that would take center stage in her life.

One afternoon in June 2007, while driving the 65 miles to work and cringing every mile, Tanya went within and declared out loud that she was ready for her new “working” life to have more “meaning and purpose”. With a commanding “So Be It!” she finished the drive and the day with new purpose.

The next morning, Tanya was inspired to configure her biofeedback device to a new laptop, as the old one had crashed a few months prior. She talked at length to the women on the support line that would help her reactivate the software but when they tried to connect the device, the software wasn’t “seeing” it. The women said she would have her lead call back. Roughly 20 minutes later Tanya answered the phone and heard the support lead say, “I want to hire you!”

Immediately Tanya knew this was the “job” she had been waiting for with “meaning and purpose”. Overwhelming emotions flooded her body and tears of joy streamed down her face. After regaining physicality, Tanya asked the women if she was kidding, the women said no. That day the 65 mile drive to work was a delight! The sun was streaming through the clouds and she was ecstatic! Her mind raced between the previous day and the possible potentials of what this could mean. Then her thoughts sank to the possibility that it was a fluke, just something that was said in the moment. Suddenly, she remembered that a gifted psychic had told her to always ask for validation of truth. Clearing her mind, Tanya requested validation and then experienced a calmness fall over her body.

Unexpectedly the cell phone rang jolting Tanya back to reality, and the road. As she quickly pulled off the road to answer the call, she could hear the support lead’s voice saying hello. The women was electrified and asked if Tanya still considered taking her up on her offer and that she just wanted to call to make sure she had not changed her mind. They then discussed training and what would happen over the next few weeks. The day started swirling after that call when Tanya realized it took less than 10 minutes to receive it after focusing on validation.

Once arriving at work all thoughts and any further actions concerning that transition back up plan were scrapped because Tanya was now on the timeline to her dream of the future!

Over the next few weeks Tanya participated in the support group’s training conference calls every moment she could. Ultimately the day came when she would start get her feet wet taking calls a few hours a week. The calls were from practitioners, just like herself, that either weren’t very familiar with computer mechanics or the biofeedback system. Tanya was back in her element helping others and enjoying every minute! She had again found her joy!

While working on her off time taking calls for the biofeedback support group, Tanya and her husband Chris discussed what it would mean for the both of them, leaving her “corporate” job. On August 1, 2007, they made the decision for Tanya to put in her two week notice and resign from her “corporate” career.

Since July of 2007, Tanya has provided technical and biofeedback support to practitioners in the United States and Canada. Friends started to invite her to speak at various gatherings which later sparked the development of courses which she calls “INFINITE U” in 2009.

It has always been Tanya’s joy to share truth and knowledge for the growth of all, so after experiencing the affects and truth Ramtha and his school have taught her for the past 5 years, she wanted to do her part. In January 2008 her dream was realized, she became the Oklahoma State Coordinator for Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment and with that, has brought the Free Introductory Evenings and Creating Personal Reality Screening events to the area. For the past year, it has been Tanya’s joy and honor to tell others about her experiences made possible and directly due to Ramtha’s teachings.

Through these years she has advanced her knowledge of the body, mind and consciousness. It is though this window that Tanya has formed this web site.

It is through this wisdom coupled with the insight garnered from thousands of practitioners viewed through the understanding of mind focused that Tanya offers you the individual searching for fabulous “health” or the practitioner searching for a better way to understand and educate your clients, the next phase to your awareness.

Become ALL THAT IS, learn the true meaning of HOLISTIC!

Kick Your “Health” and your LIFE into the Quantum Field!!