Body Mind & Spirit

Body Mind and Spirit Alignment
is the Foundation of “Total Health”

White MagicLowered body/mind states begin with one or more of the following:

  • Stress
  • Lack of Maturity
  • Lack of Awareness
  • Toxicity
  • Nutrient Deficiencies and/or Excess
  • Lack of Body Movement

From all of his years of extensive research and phenomenal insight William C. Nelson PhD, identifies maturity as one of the main health problems of mankind. He states that maturity is measured by ones ability to see the future consequences of today’s actions. In other words, the further one can see into the future the more mature the person is. That in behavioral theory we often remark how, for many people, the small reward today outweighs the large reward or large punishment of tomorrow.

Professor William Nelson continues….

“Specifically the small reward of a cigarette today outweighs the risk of cancer in the future. Some people never thought they would live to be forty. And some say that if they knew they would have lived so long, they would have taken better care of themselves. Disregard of “SELF” is a major cause of dis-ease. Increasing maturity and awareness of our actions is our new form of medicine. This is the heart of responsibility medicine. To gain enough maturity so we see not only the consequences of our actions and how they affect our total lives, but also how they affect the lives of others. If we expand this responsibility to social or society, and then the environment, we gain more maturity. Finding the responsibility and maturity to see how our thoughts and actions effect the spirituality of the Universe, then we gain enlightenment. As Einstein once said, ‘The idea that there is separateness is but an illusion, we are all one thing in this Universe, our job is to widen our circle of compassion till it surrounds everything in the Universe’.”

To move forward on the path toward “total health”, we know that our maturity and awareness play a large part, but to understand where we need to go, we must first look to where we have been. Maturity is wisdom gained through knowledge, but wisdom gained must be applied in your daily life experience.

So, how can you use the wisdom you have gained in your life to get off the side road and get on the expressway to fabulous health and include those around you?

Let’s start with an “Awareness Test” of a few simple questions.

In an average day…..

  1. Number of 8 oz glasses of water you drink?
  2. Level of stress (1-10; 10 is very high stress)?
  3. Do you consume artificial sweeteners in food or as additives? If yes, how many servings?
  4. Number of servings of the “6 whites” (sugar, flour, rice, salt and dairy and shortening)?
  5. Number of servings of “live foods” (vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts/seeds)?

In an average week…..

  1. Number of 20 minute exercise sessions (work excluded)?
  2. How many hours total are spent in quiet reflection or positive visualization?

First, if you completed answering the questions, let me say, CONGRATULATIONS! You have just stepped on the road to enhancing your own health! Really? YES, Really!

Awareness first brings patterns and habits to the conscious mind. Once aware, you have an opportunity to do something about it. The best thing of all is that you could avoid some of the items mentioned above and increase or add more beneficial ones right now if you like. All at your own pace.

It’s all up to YOU. It’s YOUR choice.

Spirit means many things to many people. Spirit is the connection to the ALL, where separateness no longer exists and we become ONE with our Body Mind consciousness.

Aligning the Body Mind consciousness with Spirit is simple, but not an easy task in the beginning. The daily practice of stilling the mind is worth every trivial and pointless conversation you could possibly have in your entire lifetime. The extraordinary benefits you would experience from this simple exercise would provide you with a miniscule glimpse of the power within.

This meditative discipline, to remove all mental chatter and to be present in the moment, is the door that will take you to new adventures in every aspect of your life. Stillness of mind is the swiftest way to travel the road toward that fabulous new destination!

Visualization and guided imagery are excellent ways of relieving stress and aiding in the body’s natural innate intelligence to heal. Who could be stressed while seeing themselves on a beach with a turquoise ocean in front of them or seeing snow covered mountain peaks reaching toward the sun!

Best of all, YOU pick the place and YOU pick the scenery! But even better than that, it won’t cost you a dime!

Affirmations and prayer are two more vital and essential tools that work with very little equipment or expense!

Power of Prayer

Prayer has been used in healing as long as there has been a human race. The power of prayer has now been documented in medical literature in over 300 major peer reviewed studies. People who are prayed for have slightly better results than those who are not. We have outlined in “PROMORPHEUS” (W.C. Nelson’s treatise) that there is a subspace backdrop dimension of the Universe that permeates and allows consciousness. This consciousness subspace can allow transfer of energy or information in ways not understood by the limited classical physics. Written by William C. Nelson, PhD, Creator of the EPFX Biofeedback system

Well now, that sheds some new light on an old subject doesn’t it. Keep going, you are on your way to kicking your “Health” into the Quantum Field!