Infinite U

Infinite U

Your thoughts create who you are and what you will experience. It is mandated by the very properties of LIGHT and the dynamics of the Quantum Field throughout the Universe.

No isolated islands of “matter” can exist. Everything is alive with LIGHT, because all atoms are LIGHT and all interact because of this. Whether it is communication between two cells in your body or a thought from across the galaxy.

Once we understand this concept we can turn our gaze inward to our cells. We find the workings of the Universe within our own bodies! It is scientific fact that cells produce coherent light.

“Man is forever seeking the Light to guide him on the long tortuous road which leads from his body’s jungle to the mountain top of his awakening soul.”

“The Secret of Light” by Walter Russell 1947

Infinite UTo understand that your body has dual sensing systems; the Sensing of your 5 senses (sense-seeing) and Mind sensing of your holographic Light field (mind-seeing) is to know you are connected and in tune with the Universe.

Within this area of the web site are the ideas that will aid you in peeling away the layers to discover you are LIGHT, forever and ever. LIGHT the visible and invisible, the seen and unseen in undulating waves of forever, collapsing by mere thought and contemplation.

We, as forever powerful, forever seen and unseen begin to relate our very existence to the power of who we truly are.

The power behind the thought.

LIGHT in its varying frequency and wavelength are forever present in our world. We only need to look to see them. All “structures” display LIGHT captured within the confines of this electrically charged Universe. And so do U!

“Cogito, ergo sum”

I think, therefore I AMRené Descartes 1637

Never stop trying to become remarkable! Every second you invest in quieting your mind, being present and walking as a Beloved GOD on EARTH you bring that future closer and closer.

Point your finger, go ahead!


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What limits you from experiencing…

Unconditional Love
Immense Joy
Soul Fulfillment
Life without worry or struggle
The life of your dreams
  • Does the mask you put on in the morning control the days events?
  • How do you KNOW something is going to turn out bad or the wrong way before it happens?
  • Why is it the same thing happens over and over?
  • Does your life seem like you are driving in a rut? When you try to avoid the pothole, you seem to somehow be drawn toward it?
  • Who puts these obstacles in front of you? Why are they there?
  • Does any of this affect my life? …my health?
  • What if it was as easy as “changing the person in the mirror”.
  • …or is it just FATE?

Have you found yourself asking any of these questions? Would you like to find out the answers that will change your life for the better?

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