Quantum Prayers

Quantum Prayers

“Kick” Your Prayers Into The Quantum Field!

SummoningThrough the ages all peoples have used prayer in times of crisis. Prayers can range from the very simple, like one person’s cry for salvation or a loving thought of gratitude, to a complex ritual of chants and ceremony involving many people over several days. The term “crisis” can mean and be, many things to many peoples. The studies mentioned below by Robert Shmerling M.D. and William P. Nelson PhD. are concerned with our most intimate crisis, the cry for survival of our body, for without it all other concerns in life are moot.

But if we take a moment to consider prayer on a larger scale, in its “omnipresent” perspective, we may then begin to grasp the true power of the Quantum Field and the prayers placed within it. The prayer for well being may just hold new meaning as well as new power garnered from within.

What if we could extend that Quantum prayer to include a calmness to the calamity in ones’ life, a long awaited resolution to a difficulty thought unsolvable, or for mere understanding of relationships out of control?

What about the prayers we evoke for global peace and stability? What affect would those prayers have on our lives? Do we believe that if peace settled upon the entire Earth that our lives would continue to erode into chaos? Is that possible?

Contemplate that thought for a moment.

Let’s now look at the term “holistic” in its philosophical form. Holistic is characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. When we talk about health of the body, holistic would encompass the body and all its systems, that is true, but it also includes the emotional and social state of the person.

Holistically speaking, we cannot isolate the body from the emotional or social impact anymore than we could isolate the emotional or social impact from the body. Why? Because they are intimately interconnected and only understandable when we look at the whole person; body, mind, and spirit.

For example, a health professional cannot determine why a person is malnourished by looking solely at the body, right? To understand how the body arrived to this state he must learn about their emotional and social environments. There could be many reasons that lead to a malnourished condition. Every aspect of the person’s life must be taken into consideration, where they live, economic status, traditions, beliefs, climate, family and friends. The health professional must evaluate the chain of events to assist the person in recognizing the rudimentary cause so that they will be educated by their condition and will then adjust their life accordingly. To think their malnourishment was simply due to poor food choices is not being holistically practical. That would be like looking at only one piece of a puzzle and using it to dictate the image.

Now, with this new understanding, lets turn our attention back to our Quantum prayer. Elevate your prayers to the “omnipresent” holistic perspective and see what happens. We are all intimately interconnected and part of the “whole” of our beautiful Earth.

Can Prayer Heal the Sick?

by Robert Shmerling, M.D., Harvard Health Publications

“85 percent of physicians polled believed religion and spirituality (including prayer) have a positive influence on health and recovery.

It’s an appealing and comforting thought. Friends, family and even total strangers pray for you when you’re seriously ill. When you recover, you may be grateful for those prayers. But did they contribute to your recovery? How would you know? Is it a question even worth asking?

Does prayer work?

Praying on another person’s behalf to improve their health is called “intercessory prayer”. And, believe it or not, researchers have attempted to scientifically study its effects on health and recover from disease. The results are intriguing:

  • A 1988 study found that when patients in the hospital with heart disease had prayers said for them, they had less breathing trouble and required less antibiotic therapy than otherwise similar patients for whom prayers were not said.
  • A study published in 1998 suggested that prayer improved the health of AIDS patients. Although those receiving prayers had no change in an important measure of immune function over the six months of the study, they did have fewer serious illnesses, fewer doctor visits and better mood than those who were not prayed for.
  • In 1999, patients in a Missouri intensive care unit recovered faster after prayers were said for them compared with those who did not have prayers said. This study was unique due to its size, nearly 1,000 patients, and neither the patients nor their doctors knew which patients had prayers said for them.
  • A 2001 study published in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine supported intercessory prayer for women who were infertile. In that study, women for whom others prayed became pregnant twice as often as those who were not the recipients of prayer.”

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