February HMME Sunday Reminder

Dear friend,

Every third Sunday of each month we host an informal educational series called, "Home Health Made Easy". This series is designed to demonstrate simple ideas and tools you can use at home to improve your life and those around you.

This Sunday – February 17th!
Home Health Made Easy Workshop

The Great "I AM" and the Basics of Natural Skin Care are the topics for this Sunday.  We will discuss simple ideas and techniques that will help you though the maze of confusion while empowering you!

The format of our third Sunday workshops vary to induce the maximum amount of learning with the highest amount of fun!  

Inform. Engage. Electrify.
Kick "Fun" into Health!

This workshop is FREE!
Join us!  2:00 – 4:00 pm

News you need to know

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  Iodine is able to penetrate quickly through the cell walls of microorganisms.
  Iodine is the agent which arouses (kindles) and keeps going the flame of life.

Our Lugol's Iodine Plus is powered by Fulvic and Humic- Nature's own nutrient delivery system to the cell!

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