Helping Others Helping Joplin..

I sent out a call for natural health practitioners to aid our friends in Joplin MO.  A small group of practitioners in Tulsa responded with a resounding YES!  Jan Allan, retired nurse and massage extraordinaire lead the charge and found a fabulous place in Joplin for us to work from, Abundant Life Christian Center at 6863 East Newman.  What a fabulous place of giving, sharing and love!  This is a Christian Center that goes way beyond preaching!  They are right there to help their community right now!  They are also attracting volunteers from all over the country that just “knew they had to come” and help.  Many had no planning or forethought, they just got in their vehicle and drove there.  The Center coordinates it all!  Paster Larry Bjorklund and his wife Judy are two extraordinary human beings filled with the Love of caring for others and the Love of GOD.  If you are in Joplin and can volunteer for a day or more go there, you will be joyously received.  If you are unable to go, please find it in your heart to donate to the Center here:

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