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Rejuvenation & Education Center

In as little as 30 minutes you can feel totally transformed!

Come in today and experience the latest advances in rejuvenation technologies that can uplift your Body & Spirit while promoting stability throughout your world.

Body, Mind and Spirit alignment is the foundation of “Total Health”.

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We can educate & assist you with . . .

  • De-stressing your body
  • Clarifying your focus
  • Uplifting your appearance — non-invasive facelift
  • Understanding “Heath” in the Quantum Field

Home “Health” Made Easy!

Essential Services

The services at our essential level start you off with two fabulous advanced technologies that you can schedule at your own pace. Schedule your appointments once a month or once a week, you set the velocity on how fast and how far you want to go.

  1. Eternale RoomEternale Rejuvenation Systems
    Rejuvenate – Eternale’s scientifically orchestrated music and enchanting guided visualization exercises will take you on a fabulous journey away from environmental stressors, pollutants and day-to-day habits that can overburden your system.

    Eternale’s micro-current technology uses gentle electrical stimulation to trigger the body’s natural impulses while energizing muscles and facial tissue.

    Sessions: 30 & 60 minutes
    (› Read more about Eternale here)

  2. Bio Mat roomBioMat™ Quantum Therapeutics
    Quantum Tune-Up – The BioMat delivers the highest vibrational resonance deeply into all body tissues. The combination of far infrared light, negative ions and amethyst quartz opens the channels for intelligent cellular communication leading to DNA repair and total body wellness. The BioMat delivers the highest vibrational resonance deeply into all body tissues, and all you have to do is lie on it and relax!

    Sessions: 30 & 60 minutes
    (› Read more about the BioMat here)

  3. Dynamic Duo – Eternale™ & BioMat™ Together!

    This is a remarkable combination! These two systems complement each other fabulously! Enjoy an Eternale™ session while lying on a full length BioMat™ Pro! Now this is what I call a mini vacation without an itinerary!

    Sessions: 30 & 60 minutes

  4. Kicking your “Health” into the Quantum Field!
    Clarify Your Focus! – Interactive exercise and education are available on multiple levels for anyone that would like to sharpen the focus of their future dreams. Private training, group classes and home study are available. We are a complete “one stop” for all things related to helping you see, feel and visualize the future world of your dreams.

Comprehensive Services

This level combines advanced technologies and personalized interactions targeted to focus on your specific concerns. An initial visit is scheduled to assess your level of base line health.

Interactive Metronome

The Interactive Metronome (IM) is a research-based training program that helps children and adults overcome attention, memory, and coordination limitations. IM works for people of all ages who have a variety of conditions affecting their cognitive and physical abilities. Fun, easy and effective! Sessions starting in March.

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis opens the door to understanding the functional, nutritional and preventative needs of the body.

Biofeedback Sessions

Quantum Biofeedback is a cutting edge technology that can be used to perceive the power of the mind’s subtle energy affects on the body, but also for entrainment. Biofeedback is an effective way to manage stress, pain, re-educate muscles and learn relaxation training. This technology coupled with focused mind will restore the body and become an unstoppable force. That force will then ripple out into every aspect of life.

Give the gift of healing to a loved one! Gift certificates are now available. Contact us today to send one to someone special.

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Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned practitioner, we can help open your eyes or your practice to encompass INFINITE U methodologies specific to you and your clients.

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