The Only Gift Worth Giving

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The Only Gift Worth Giving

As we shift our thoughts toward the rapidly approaching holiday season, we must not forget the fundamental gift this time of year brings, whatever your spiritual or religious beliefs.

We need to remember to be joyous and filled with gratitude for all the “gifts” we have received throughout the year. Everything in your life has been a “gift” of your own choosing, but like most, they come in a wide and varying assortment.

These “gifts” arise during interactions with friends, family and co-workers, dealing with house and home, social traditions and everything else in between. Some “gifts” are fabulous heart lifting moments that create wonderful memories for years to come, yet others can create sleepless nights filled with boundary stretching, soul searching agony and stress. Each one provides a opportunity to learn and the possibly to view the situation from a new perspective.

When we are present and paying attention to our surroundings we can observe and respond with open mindedness. We can give a smile back to a friendly stranger, when our eyes are not looking down at the ground. We can give a warm hug to someone that is distraught, when our heart is open and not worrying about how it will be perceived. We can reach out and give a hand to someone needing our help when their arms too weak.

The point is to pause for a moment, wait for the truth to be revealed and then find that place of divine bliss in your heart. I just bet, if you stop to do that before your “usual” emotional routine, you might just find a smile come to your face. Then, at that precise moment, Give Thanks!

Maybe, we can even smile at ourselves instead of getting stressed out because we had to chip ice off the windshield before we could make the mad morning dash to work. Instead, we can arrive with joy in our heart marveling at the beautiful sight that is winter.

Joyously give of yourself!

Give abundantly and give often!

Worthwhile experiences….

Irene’s “Hospital Tour of 2011”

When life throws you sour grapes, what do you make with them?

The last few months for me have been filled with challenge. Each day causes me to look upon the days past and wonder. The reason I am going to tell you about this event, that has overruled all else in my life, is that I believe we can all learn something of value from it.

Let’s get started…

After my Mother, (84 years old) fell last February, her hands and legs developed a new type of pain that got progressively worse while her strength diminished. After many tests, x-rays and evaluations, all that could be deduced was rheumatoid arthritis and possibly neuropathy.

On September 29th, after getting home from an exhausting day traveling to the neurologist (which was an hour away,) I expected her to rally in the morning once she had a good night sleep.

However, the next morning there was no rally . . .

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I.C.E. In Case of Emergency

Heart Friendly Support – FREE Download!

I.C.E Series #2 – Tincture of Capsicum (Cayenne)!

Excerpt from Natureʼs 9-1-1 by Philip Fritchey, M.H., N.D., CNHP

“An emergency herb of the fist order, Capsicum has been known to stop a heart attack, relieve both hemorrhagic and ischemic strokes, curtail hemorrhagic bleeding whether internal or external, and prevent shock from trauma. It is often added in small amounts to other herbal formulas as a “catalyst” and activator. It can strengthen the function of a weak heart and improve general circulation. Small doses are anti-emetic. Classical herbalists used this remedy to bring “heart” back to the core when the fires of the vital force were growing cold.

Long-term use may be contra-indicated in hypertensives.”

Welcome dōTERRA® CPTG Essential Oils

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It is incredible that something so simple and elegant can have such an empowering yet harmonious affect on the Body, Mind and Spirit.

It takes only a drop to transport you to that fabulous place where every minute particle of energy, that is “you”, can expand into a state of Radiant Health and Spiritual Well Being! Remember, when you relax and clear the Mind, the Body will follow.

You just have to try it! I fell in love with these oils the moment I was introduced to them. And the best part is, there are no expensive devices, travel, or years of education required!

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dōTERRA® Newsletter Spotlight

Ailment: Cold
Many People Use: Melaleuca (Tea Tree Oil) Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Thyme Essential Oil, Oregano Essential Oil, On Guard Essential Oil

You can: diffuse into the air and inhale or gargle a couple drops mixed with water or take internally in a capsule 2 to 3 times daily while symptoms persist.

dōTERRA® (meaning “Gift of the Earth”)

CPTG – Certified Pure Therapeutic GradeTM essential oils

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“The Nine Faces of Christ, quest of the true initiate”
by Eugene E. Whitworth; © 1980.

If you havenʼt read this next book, you are truly missing a fine read! I would not recommend it for the casual reader as it digs deep into long held beliefs. This is a book that will stretch your imagination, as well as, your awareness. It is a story of the initiate, the work, discipline, and the miraculous phenomenon that takes place along the way. It is a fascinating journey that takes you into a world of ages past. If you are a seeker or student of ancient wisdom, allow your mind to walk through the pages while your spirit is swiftly transported to the place where time does not exist.

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Revealing Truth in the News! SUPER Conscousness

SUPER Conscousness Magazine, The voice for human potential…

Meditation: A Key for Unlocking the Human Brain

Interview with Dr. Shanida Nataraja, author of “The Blissful Brain”

Author: Jair Robles

Practicing some technique that allows quieting the mind and stilling the body has been a fundamental part of most spiritual traditions. And their benefits are said to be many and varied. But for a long time, these reports have mostly come from those who actually practice such techniques and the religious or philosophical tests that promoted….. (read more)

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“While an organization is death to the exceptional mind, it is birth and security to the ordinary man.”

Nine Faces of Christ: Quest of the True Initiate, by Eugene E. Whitworth

Knowledge is the best charity and a great thing to share!

Tanya explains…
We must SEE in our mind and KNOW in our heart there exists a fabulous life and continue to reach for it, only then will we draw it toward us. The great things in life must be reached for to achieve, they are not handed to you. Conquer yourself, your habits, your routines and weed out what is not meaningful, then the road to the fabulous will come to meet your feet.

Tanya is a person that loves to inspire others who want to learn how to create the life of their dreams. In doing that, the most difficult part for the student is when they realize that the old life must dissolve away to birth a new. This is the challenge that all face, to give up what is familiar and known for the unknown. The possibility of losing comfortable yet limiting relationships and habits that seem harmless for plausible chaos is not rational in their eyes nor anyone else’s. Through all her years of extensive study and training in many modalities of body, mind and spirit, Tanya tries to find a way to explain complex ideas in simple visual terms that are easy to understand, remember, and put to into practice.

Further information on Tanya’s credentials please follow this link to the web site.

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