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The Quantum Prayer Wheel program runs on a independent desktop computer 24/7 x 365 days a year. When you subscribe to this service, your name and desire will be added to the program. Once your name has been added, prayers submitted by experts in each of the respective religions will be said in your name 24 hours a day for the duration of your choice, longterm or short.

These prayers are placed via subtle frequencies into the subspace backdrop dimension of the universe that permeates and allows consciousness as described by William C. Nelson, PhD. in the following paragraphs. These frequencies are shielded from adverse or negative energies.

The 12 steps represented in the program are equivalent to 12 different dimensions. When negative energies are detected, the program displays an alert and if after 15 minutes the alert has not cleared, the program will attack the negative energy itself.

Subscriptions are available by the month, quarterly and annually.

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  • Monthly: ~ $12 USD per/month
  • Quarterly (every 3 months): ~ $24 USD
  • Annually (once a year): ~ $72 USD

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NOTE: The information gathered are for the purposes of loading your information into the Prayer Wheel Program only. It will never be used for any other purpose other than direct communication with you.


Quantum Prayer Wheel Program and How It Works!

by William C. Nelson, PhD., Creator of Quantum Prayer Wheel Program and Quantum Biofeedback Systems QXCI|Scio|EPFX|Eternale

“Prayer has been used in healing as long as there has been a human race. The power of prayer has now been documented in medical literature in over 300 major peer reviewed studies. People who are prayed for have slightly better results than those who are not. Larry Dorsey M.D. wrote of this and explains that the prayers work best when they are of a certain quality of mind. We have outlined in the PROMORPHEUS that there is a subspace backdrop dimension of the universe that permeates and allows consciousness. This consciousness subspace can allow transfer of energy or information in ways not understood by the limited classical physics. Our subspace and quantum physics can explain this however.

All things share the subspace of consciousness, but quantic objects with complex fractal indeterminacies are more sensitive. These types of quantic system objects then have so much more consciousness that we, by social agreement, call them conscious. Could we program a computer to have more of this consciousness and then enable it to pray for the healing of others? We first have to provide for a true indeterminacy, because the random function in computers now is not truly random. It is based on the timer and as such, is unreliable as a quantic indeterminacy generator. This can be compensated for.

Then we must provide a backdrop of the right sounds, frequencies, and words that people have found in all of our cultures to be of the right quality. Cross-cultural comparisons have shown several common denominators of shared experience in the development of perfection of prayer. The computer must have Karmic backlash safeguards. Safeguards to protect the healer and the client from negativity. Finally this must be tied into a repetitive process in the computer and tested in operation.

All of these things have been accomplished by the Quantum Prayer Wheel program. This program is capable of producing 92 prayers per millisecond, or 92,000 per second. This is over 5.5 million per minute. This is just the base operative system that operates behind the software at all times. This number can be doubled, tripled, quadrupled or more as the system operates. This program, after a decade of development and testing, has accomplished these goals.”