Book of the Month…

This section of the blog is to let you in on what I am currently reading and the pondered insights that arise.  It is my desire to entice you to read along and instigate a mind stretching discussion.  Then you may post and share your unique thoughts and revelations.  Remember, it is all about birthing some fabulous baby neurons to expand your point of view.  The intent here is not to battle over beliefs, but rather to exercise the mind with ideas that are probably unfamiliar.  If the book doesn’t interest you, follow the posts, you may just birth a baby neuron anyway!     Routinely I have two books going at a time, one uplifting or spiritual in nature, the other based more in the latest science of mind.  So take your pick and read at your own pace, the posts will be here when you are ready.  Enjoy LIFE!

Come on!  Let’s get started!

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