Hear Ye! Hear Ye!!! INDIGO is coming!

For the LOVE of EARTH! is on the priority delivery list for our new INDIGO device on

February 15, 2010!

Quantum Biofeedback has just made another leap!

Quantum Alliance, Calgary Canada, has announced the launch of the next generation of Quantum Biofeedback devices; INDIGO

Here is just some of what Quantum Alliance is saying about the new device…

It is the most accurate and sensitive technology of its kind for identifying stress reactions to over 10,000 trivectore voltametric algorithmic signatures stored in it’s database, such as those taken from nutritional items, emotional imponderable formulas, allersodes, toxins and more.

The sophisticated wave-form generator also works to re-train harmony to the physical and emotional bodies by addressing aberrant stressful reactions to help the client create more cohesive and coherent patterns. INDIGO allows the practitioner to have greater access into the profile of stress; it is a powerful tool for client education, stress reduction and restoration of vibrant wellness.

INDIGO assists in reconnecting clients’ to their own inner knowing; revealing their innate wisdom to assist in identifying where to make lifestyle change and which specific stress reactions to manage. The human body does not come with an instruction manual, however, INDIGO can provide the clues necessary to create self directed control and vitality.

Check back for updates!

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